Art for Sale

Some of my art is offered for sale through Vango.

Artist Bio

” We live only to discover beauty. All else is a form of waiting.”

This quote by Kahlil Gibran has always struck a deep chord in me. I have long sought beauty in nature, whether in the deep green of a jungle or even in watching an orchid unfurl its luscious bloom on my windowsill. Inanimate things too, crafted by artisans, even mass produced and discarded objects, especially lost-then-found fragments , all have a hidden beauty, simply waiting to be revealed. I approach my art with humility and wonder. The revelation begins with the assembly of objects, and the often quivering tension that emerges. I use light/color to express what words can only insufficiently capture, to suggest to you the presence of beauty. All art is dialogue. Art is created not when I finish a painting, but when you the viewer looks at it and ask the first question. When you let go of your own story and let the story emerge in this dialogue, then art becomes lived.

I was born and raised in Africa, and have lived in many countries around the world. I went to more schools as a child than I can remember! Though I am a citizen of the world, I’ve been a long time DC denizen and call it home for now. I’ve recently rediscovered my childhood love for painting and rekindled this passion as a continuing student at the Washington Studio School, dedicated to the standards of a perceptual fine arts tradition. All the faculty members are all practicing artists with strong academic credentials and its a very collegial environment in which to continue learning and creating art. I am inspired by many artists including Cezane, Degas, Vuillard, Bacon Hopper, Andrew Wyeth, Ruth Miller